I’d really like to show you our film me and my 5 classmates worked on the past half year at the Utrecht school of arts. I did a lot of editing, set up a render pipeline, some modeling and supervised/directed the voice actor.

One of the big challenges, besides conveying the story, was making this stylized animation feel like a documentary, to make it feel like a believable world and character. Clichés like camera shake, microphone booms and breathing of the cameraman were al taken into consideration but toned down a lot because we thought that these elements would just FORCE the feeling of a docu instead of really adding it to the core of the film. Besides, these clichés are not what makes a documentary a documentary. So we tried out other things.

One of those experiments was approaching the voice actor by giving him only a character description instead of a full script, and then asked him questions like in a real interview. This gave his performance a more realistic feel which added a lot of believabilty to the character and his world. 

 Working with the class was a great experience, seeing how all the pieces came together in a team. What started with serious working at our computers soon escalated into “age of empires”, flying helicopters in our office and a finished animation film. Good times.