1. Tomorrow, I will begin my second year at the Utrecht School of Arts! To express my feelings, here’s an excited mustache guy.

  2. This is my first year individual student film at HKU (Utrecht school of arts) in a time span of 8 weeks we had to create a character driven animation of +/- 1 minute.

  3. A short project I’ve been working on the last 2 weeks. It’s in dutch so the story is about a boy called Sonny who gives us a presentation about the power of the sun. Made for a Rotterdam city initiative project.

  4. Working on a lightspeed project (deadline: 14 feb) 

    Meet Sonny. Today in school, Sonny learned about the power of the sun. Marvellous.

  5. After a lot of struggling with Mudbox and Vray this came out of it… It’s the new version of Mango the monkey. I’m sort of… satisfied with the result for now, until next week probably. oh well… Time to get some sleep.

  6. v1

    Refining the silhouette of my monkey character by making quick clay sketches. Trying to find a balance between badass and funny. I think the ears do a lot in making the monkey funnier and less creepy.  Also, the silhouette becomes easier to read, ears forming a landmark.

  7. Hi, It’s been quite some time… So to prove I’m still alive, here’s some clay doodles I made recently. Now, after a 2 week break, school is back on the program! 

  8. It’s a bloody walking monkey!

    Made this monkey and his walkcycle  inbetween school assignments. SHOULD be focusing more on that. Get… this.. monkey…… out of my HEAD!

    I’ll upload some character information about this monkey soon :)


  9. "Ik wil de woorden bezinnen, haar letters strelen en d’r klanken beminnen"